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Cantillon Gueuze 750 ml - Single Bottle

Product description

Paul Cantillon and Marie Troch founded Cantillon in 1900. In 1937, their sons Robert and Marcel joined the business. Shortly after that, both brothers departed for World War II. After the war, with sales in decline, Robert sold his portion of the business to Marcel. Soon, Marcel wanted out, too. Marcel's daughter, Claude, saved the family business. Her husband, Jean-Pierre Van Roy, took over the brewery in the early 1970s. Their son, Jean Van Roy, is Cantillon's current owner and brewmaster.

Gueuze is the ultimate result of a complex blend of lambics of different ages and with different tastes kept in oak barrels. The brewer's primary task involves tasting, and he or she will have to try around a dozen lambics from different barrels, finally selecting five or six. It is by this method that gueuze 100% lambic, presenting the typical characteristics of Cantillon Brewery's beers, is produced. Each blended batch yields a slightly different gueuze because the natural elements at the heart of the beer make it impossible to produce a standardized product.

A slightly acidic and fruity taste, a delicate and woody fragrance and a dry finish that lingers on the palate. Beer with taste evolution that will keep for a long time in a cellar. 5.5% ABV.