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The Prisoner Wine Co. 'Eternally Silenced Pinot Noir' 2018

Product description
The Prisoner Wine Company acquires grapes from more than 100 vineyards throughout California’s premier grape-growing regions, partnering with phenomenal growers who are dedicated to cultivating unique varieties. Chrissy Wittmann and her team of winemakers collaborate with this family of growers, visiting each vineyard site throughout the year to carefully assess the style and quality of every lot to make the best possible wine from each vintage.

When creating their blends, all that matters is passion. For flavour, for texture, for soil and vine, wine is their mother tongue. Eternally Silenced leaves one and all speechless.

The original brainchild of Dave Phinney, Prisoner is the most recognized Napa Valley red. They can’t keep their mouths shut about ‘Eternally Silenced’, their second vintage of Pinot Noir. Rich, soft, and well balanced, it is plump full of cranberry, dark cherry, cedar, clove, and brown spice. A hedonistic firecracker waiting to explode. The Prisoner wines are often copied, but never equaled ... the evidence is in the bottle.