Since April 2019, direct-to-consumer sales of alcohol within Canada are subject to applicable provincial laws. If you are located outside of Alberta we suggest familiarizing yourself with your province’s liquor laws before deciding on your purchase.

Ontario: LCBO prohibits private individuals to import wine and spirits from another province unless carried on your person back into the province of Ontario and for personal consumption.

Quebec: Direct-to-consumer shipping of alcohol is prohibited, unless the alcoholic beverages are in the direct possession of the individual or as part of the individual’s baggage when brought into Quebec and intended for personal consumption.

British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan: Only 100% Canadian wine can be directly shipped to consumers from a licensed winery. Otherwise residents can bring alcohol home with them on their person from another province with no limit on the amount brought back.

New Brunswick: A person cannot import liquor, but can bring one bottle of liquor or wine into the province on your person.