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Angels & Eagles Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

Product description
Angels and Eagles is born from the life journey of the Sylwesiuk family. Their name is created from this shared journey in life and holds significant meaning embraced in their hearts. The Angels are the blessing of children Alexa and Garrett, many awesome friends, and dear acquaintances that have enhanced their life's journey. The Eagles are representative of the Sylwesiuk family heritage. They chose the Eagles as this is a symbol of beauty, strength, nature and of freedom.

Angels and Eagles wines are from beautiful vineyards that are highly regarded in Napa Valley. These vineyards have consistently produced the most coveted, desired high-quality wines. With great respect and responsibility, they accepted the wonderful fruit from these vineyards and with a great passion they nurtured, they have cared for with loving devotion to preserve the gift from nature to craft, and create beautiful elegant wines for your pleasured enjoyment. A well-balanced beautiful wine with rich dark fruit, refined tannins and an elegant lingering finish.