Beluga Gold Line Vodka
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Beluga Gold Line Vodka

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Commonly referred to as “Beluga Gold”. After you open the leather case, you find a bottle of Vodka encrusted with a metal shield of sorts. A very ornate 3D design, complete with a sturgeon practically leaping off the label and multiple metallic finishes. The stopper is encased in wire mesh embedded in clay. To get the clay off you have to break it apart with a hammer. Lucky for you, one is included, a cute little number with a mallet on one end and a brush on the other. Hammer away! Finally you’re into the spirit and fortunately for you an elaborate metal-clad shot glass is also included so you can get to drinking right away. The nose is unique, lightly medicinal with a marshmallow back end. The balance between savoury and sweet is actually quite effective and enticing. On the palate, Beluga Gold is fairly sweet, a bit floral, and offers a moderate and easy finish with a pleasant sweetness that complements the moderately thick body. It’s easy to sip straight, but it stops short of being a sugar bomb like so many modern Vodkas.

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