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Bridgeland Distillery Single Blend Whisky 2023 Edition

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Product description

Single blend whisky is a rare breed: an exceptional combination of Bridgeland Distillery's most desired whiskies this calendar year, all distilled at one single facility. They blend their malt and grain whiskies together from casks with exquisite quality, character and flavour. An exceptional whisky for every celebration! 

Their 'Berbon' and Single Malt are the building blocks of this blend. They have been distilled, barrelled and aged separately. This remarkable release showcases the potential of blended whisky to achieve depth of character with proper use of oak diversity: American, Hungarian and Bulgarian oak casks have been used in this blend.

A vanilla bean, candied cherries and wine gum combination for the nose; The palate is complex with a great silky texture of rich toffee.  The finish is anchored in Swiss chocolate, long and lasting!