Caol Ila 15 Year Old

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Nose: There's instantly more going on here than in last year's unpeated release. Glorious vanilla fudge given depth by some fruity notes. There's a hint of confectioner's sugar and fruity jelly sweets before clean ship deck aromas, a hint of mint and a little clean seashell all surface, all without peat. Very nice indeed. Palate: "Creamy" was the first thing I noted down, as much to do with mouthfeel as taste. More subtle fudge notes now, alongside more citrus and milk chocolate, all held together by that creaminess. Finish: First suggestion of any smoke, intermingled with baking spices. Overall: Recognisable from its peaty version, but personally at least, I wouldn't describe this as 'maritime', even with the 'belonging by the coast' descriptors that have snuck into the notes above. I would describe it as very good though.