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Clement Rum Premiere Canne

Product description

General Information

Produced using selected varieties of sugarcane from Habitation Clément, Première Canne is unique white rum created from fresh pressed sugarcane juice, which spontaneously ferments into an extremely aromatic and flavourful sugarcane wine; and then softly distilled only once to capture the natural aromas and flavours of the tropical appellation of Habitation Clément, following their time-honoured tradition passed down from Homère Clément. Première Canne rests for just over nine months in a stainless steel vat and is slowly reduced over time with distilled volcanic spring water, which results in a well-balanced, smooth, super clean, white Rhum Agricole, loaded with character and flavour unlike any other rum in the world.

Volcanic terroir and Clément’s tropical appellation lend Première Canne its exotic bouquet and a sensational palate entry with flavours of cocoa bean, bittersweet chocolate, black tea, and unrefined sugar. The mid-palate brings elements of fresh grass and beans preceding a graceful finish with subtle notes of caramelized sugar.