Dandy Brewing Rockin' Little Combo Pale Ale 473 ml - 4 Cans
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Dandy Brewing Rockin' Little Combo Pale Ale 473 ml - 4 Cans

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Being a Dandy means falling hard into your internal fascinations, desires, and interests. Whatever they may be. Dandies ignore trends and styles and walk their path. Every one of us has the chance to be a Dandy, most of us already are without knowing it, and we're here to celebrate that. The Dandy Brewing Company is Calgary's original little brewery that embraces being a Dandy whatever that looks like. They produce inspired beers, styles they have fallen in love with, in small batches with lots of care. Their unique approach to brewing and a keen eye for detail fosters creativity in both their recipes and beer styles. They share a passion for not only brewing but the people, processes, and experiences that make the experience so unique.

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