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Domaine Ledogar Le Compagnon Corbieres Rouge

Product description

Since he was 12 years old, Xavier Ledogar has worked this 18.5 hectare estate. In 1997, he fully assumed ownership and changed the domain's name from Domaine Grand Lauze to Domaine Ledogar. The vines are dispersed around Ferrals-les-Corbières, a community in the Boutenac region close to Carcassonne. One of the first modifications Xavier made to the family estate, of which he was the fourth generation's custodian, was to stop selling the grapes to the neighbourhood co-op and start using them to produce exceptional wines on his own, starting in 1998.

The vineyards were quickly transformed to follow biodynamic methods, such as employing the lunar calendar and herbal and plant teas as fertilisers, after Xavier's brother Mathieu joined him in 2004 (and Benoit in 2018). Horses are utilised to plough the fields instead of machinery, and donkeys are used to control weed growth. In 2006, Ecocert awarded Domaine Ledogar its organic certification.