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Eighty-Eight Double Night Gallery Hazy Double IPA 473 ml - 4 Cans

(Includes 4 units $4.75 each)

Product description

Introducing an homage to the beloved flagship Hazy Pale Ale and our most heavily hopped beer to date, the real king of summer, Double Night Gallery!

Leaning into some of our favourite techniques 88 Brewinghave learned through their small batch IPA program, this beer pulls out all the tricks in its quest for cloud juice glory.

Similar to Night Gallery, this beer uses a blend of Citra, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops, but in the case of Double Night Gallery we also layered in Incognito hops, Cyro hops - dip hopping and double dry hopping to push the bitterness wayyyy down and the aromatics to legendary status.

All your familiar friends are there; grapefruit, mandarin, pine, cotton candy, and peach, but if you can believe it they are somehow sexier than ever before!