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Oimatsu Shuzo Enma 3-Year-Old Barrel-Aged Shochu - 720 ml

Product description

Oimatsu Shuzo has over 200 years of history as one of the original shochu distillers as well as sake brewers in Oita prefecture. 'Enma' hails from Oita and translated means the 'ruler of the underworld'.  This Japanese barrel-aged barley spirit is entertainingly complex, medium-bodied, ultra-smooth, and slightly oaky.  It is aged in oak barrels for 3 years producing intriguing aromas of sweet almond. light oak, and subtle sake notes, with a long complex finish.  It's full-bodied, well-balanced, and soft-textured with flavours of spicy pepper and dark chocolate.  It was the winner of the grand gold medal at Mondo Selection 2006.  For those who like whisky, this one will be a big surprise!  Drink on the rocks, in a premium martini, or with a splash of water like Japanese Whisky.

Origin:  Oita Prefecture  |   Alcohol:  25%