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Fantastic France + ZYN Wooden Box

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The French make fantastic wines and this is the perfect gift set for those of you who enjoy everything French!

Fournier Sancerre Grande Cuvee La Chaudouillonne 2021 (1 bottle) This is an opulent, rich wine, that is still developing. It has concentration, intense acidity and green, herbal background. In contrast, it is full of apple and citrus fruits leavened with touches of apricot.

Garnier & Fils Chablis "Beauroy" Premier Cru 2017 (1 bottle) This Premier Cru is rooted in the most northern climate on the left bank of the Serein River. Vallée du Roi (King’s Valley) or Bois du Roy (King’s Woods) or Beau Bois (Beautiful Woods) are among the numerous interpretations of its name. The most probable explanation is that the climate inherited the patronymic of a local family who had lived there, the Rouards. Expected ideal maturity, is between 3-5 years, with cellaring potential up to 7 years.

Chateau Grand Village Bordeaux Blanc 2019 (1 bottle) Le Grand Village is the original Bordeaux home of the Guinaudeau family, better known as the producers of Château Lafleur in Pomerol. The same team and equal level of detailed attention are dedicated to winemaking in this chateau in Fronsac on the Right Bank. This results in a wine far outstripping their nominal Bordeaux Superieur status, creating some of the most exciting releases in the appellation. If one wants to glimpse savoir-faire, Grand Village is an unmissable addition to any cellar. This white wine shows a complex floral nose and great harmony between tension and texture on the palate. The finish is solid, creamy, long and elegant!

Les Halos De Jupiter Chateauneuf Du Pape 2019 (1 bottle) Bold and opulent, this Leo-influenced wine is a true homage to Grenache, Chateauneuf’s most emblematic varietal. This blend of major terroir types offers an extraordinary expression: the ripe intensity from the stone-covered vineyards, the richness of clay soils, and the purity of the sandy terroirs. Very elegant and harmonious, this wine displays a perfect balance between power and finesse.

Chateau d'Aiguilhe 2018 (1 bottle) Juicy loganberry and black currant fruit form an inviting core, while light bay, tobacco and violet notes fill in around the fruit. Offers a fleshy edge but keeps an emphasis on cut and drive through the finish.

Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf du Pape 2019 (1 bottle) The 2019 Château de Beaucastel red has an elegant deep ruby red colour. The powerful and elegant nose offers superb notes of spices, cherries and cocoa. Elegantly and perfectly balanced, the mouth reveals a beautiful dense structure with fine tannins and complex aromas of red fruit such as blackcurrants and floral notes. The finish is very long and harmonious. A very sophisticated wine, the signature of Beaucastel’s style.