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Francois Mikulski Chardonnay 2019

Product description

A bright light gold robe with luminous green highlights. Dense, deep, but also complex and sophisticated. Notes of pretty pink button mushrooms and Caesar’s mushrooms, warm butter, hazelnut oil and lords-and-ladies, almost-candied white fruits, pear and white peach, tree bark and dried pulses, lifted by a touch of chervil, nuts like macadamia and Brazil nuts; at the end of the nose, the wine develops towards poached pear, fresh butter and praline, which is to be expected as we are within the confines of Meursault. On the palate, stewed white fruit, pears and apples, discreet vanilla notes of creamy white fruit, a touch of honey, of apricot, orange jelly and pistachio nougat. Overall, a delicious wine whose flavours need to be accompanied by a hot tasty dish, a veal Milanese cutlet or chicken supreme with mushrooms. An all-consuming finish that lingers in the body.