Gautier Pinar Del Rio XO

**The image is for display purposes only. The vintage and other details on it may be different than the actual product.

Gautier Pinar del Rio XO was named Best Cognac in the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (in a field of 46 cognacs). 

Gautier Pinar del Rio XO Cognac is one of the "exclusive cigar blends" from Gautier meant to be appreciated in the company of a cigar. The name "pinar del rio" is meant as an homage to the Cuban valley where tobacco is grown for their famous cigars. They say it is meant to be enjoyed during "unforgettable occasions."

Maison Gautier is one of the oldest cognac houses tracing its heritage back to 1644 when Charles Gautier married Jacquette Brochet, whose father was in the wine business. The house has been in family ownership for a subsequent 10 generations. In 1755, the house was granted a royal warrant to produce cognac by King Louis XV, which represents the true founding of the business. The cellars are located in damp conditions near a former watermill on the Osme River, below the water line with some eau-de-vie stretching back to 1844. 

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