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Doi Shuzo Kaiun Iwaizake Junmai Ginjo Sake - 720 ml

Product description

Talk about one of “those” sakes! Kaiun is the perfect marriage between a fruity sake and a creamy brew that drinks very balanced and very velvety. Plump, viscous, and chewy, look for ripe fruit compote, rich pear, honeydew, and a hint of banana tones only when the fluid warms. Smooth, fruity, and creamy how do they do that?  Brewed slowly and at low temperatures using quality Yamada Nishiki rice polished to 50%, this sake’s flavour is full-bodied and smooth with a delicate balance of sweetness and acidity, while its fragrance is reminiscent of melon and other sweet fruits.  This is a sake that screams impact and is a truly feel-good brew. Wine drinkers will enjoy the talking tail on this pride of Shizuoka Prefecture.

Best enjoyed chilled, but can also be gently warmed.  This sake is delicious on its own or paired with sweet, light foods.

Origin:   Shizuoka Prefecture  |   Rice:   Yamada Nishiki |   Rice Polished to:   50%   |   Alcohol:  16%