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Kumesen Syuzou Kujira Ryukyu Shochu Awamori - 700 ml

Product description

Kumesen Distillery was founded in Okinawa in 1952.  Their first product was Awamori, a Shochu beverage distilled from special Indica rice and served at 30-40% ABV.  In 1989, they began to age their Awamori in oak casks, creating a rice-based whiskey with rich flavours. Their products are exceptionally popular in the Japanese islands.

Kujira Ryukyu is amber in color with notes of oak, vanilla, pear, and a hint of the sea on the nose.   The palate is smooth and sharp at the same time with notes of toffee and jasmine.  The finish is lightly sweet and clean.

Origin:  Okinawa Prefecture  |  Alcohol:  25%