Sold Out Laphroaig 33 Year The Ian Hunter Story Book 3
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Laphroaig 33 Year The Ian Hunter Story Book 3

Product description

Unique. Distinctive. Not for everyone. You could be describing Ian Hunter as much as you could the taste of Laphroaig. Despite his polarising personality, Ian Hunter made Laphroaig what it is today: a whisky enjoyed the world over by a wide and diverse range of people.

This new whisky, distilled back in 1987, is still surprisingly smoky, at least on the palate. The nose has minimal peat, with notes of vanilla, citrus and spiced pear leading the way. The palate opens up with papaya, clementine, vanilla custard, burnt toffee, and a touch of iodine and menthol, all backed by a softened but still predominant layer of smoke.

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