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Layer Cake Chardonnay 2019

Product description

Layer Cake, established in 2007, is part of Hundred Acre Winery, where Jayson Woodbridge makes serious California cult Cabs. He’s been called “one of California’s most flamboyant, talented, contrarian wine producers,” “crazy cult wine hero,” and “dedicated and devoted to value and excellence.”  Although he was happy with Hundred Acre’s success, Woodbridge wanted to show that he could make affordable wines that seriously overdeliver. He did that with Layer Cake, sourcing grapes in some of his favourite wine regions in the world, including Australia, Argentina, Italy, Spain, and California, knowing that he would find great value. Using the same winemaking techniques he uses for One Hundred Acre cabs ensures quality and wines that reflect their origin. These carefully crafted Layer Cake wines are affordable luxuries. 

The nose is reminiscent of preserved Meyer lemons, wet stones and a hint of lime blossoms with the slightest kiss of toasty oak. The rich body and texture build as it envelops your mouth, while layers of Kaffir lime, guava, and pineapple tantalize, followed by the light, creamy texture of whipped lemon curd. The lingering finish is clean and crisp, preparing your palate for more.