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Macauley Pinot Noir Seaview 2019

Product description
The Macauley Vineyard label was originally established in St. Helena in the early 1980s by Ann Macauley Watson and for several years produced a very well-received late harvest Sauvignon Blanc with help from the renowned winemaker, Ric Forman. In the late summer of 2000, Ann’s son Mac went to work for Rudd Estate in Oakville. After several months of winery work and education he was inspired to revive the family label, and, working with winemaker and childhood friend Kirk Venge, crushed his first grapes in October 2001. Mac and Kirk have one goal: to source the highest quality fruit in Napa Valley and make wines of extraordinary depth and personality. The grapes they choose showcase the terroir of the vineyards and create a remarkable wine-drinking experience.

Elegant and poised, this wine is also darker than your average Pinot, pouring a dense ruby colour in the glass. Fragrances of cherry, dried currant, crushed flower and cooking spices appear on the bouquet, along with a trace of white pepper. Smooth and silky on the palate, the soft and expansive mouthfeel follows up with dense cherry and tart, red-fruit compote. This Pinot Noir shows a profoundly ripe character and a round style. Cellared correctly, this wine will be enjoyed to 2035 and beyond.