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Maidenii Nocturne Vin Amer

Product description

This is Maidenii's super premium line of "Amaro", a more intense digestif to act as counterpoint to their current line of Apertifs.  Vin Amer is certainly a versatile cocktail ingredient where a bitter wine or liqueur is called for, but Maidenii Nocturne Vin Amer really comes into its own when simply enjoyed chilled in a wine glass.  It's made from a base wine composed of mature wines from Central Victoria using key botanicals including wormwood, quandong, desert lime, muntries, riberries, and black truffles.

Pale, slightly cloudy salmon pink/autumn leaf orange. Pure and intense aromas of pink grapefruit and a gently bitter medley of fresh herbal notes; just as complex in the mouth, and seamlessly integrated, this ups the bitterness on last year's release and lingers even longer in the aftertaste.