Merlet Eau de Vigne Brandy
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Merlet Eau de Vigne Brandy

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Eau de Vigne is a blend of different unaged eaux-de-vie. It’s a throwback to the “blanche” (unaged grape eau-de-vie) tradition – once very much enjoyed on its own. The success of aged grape spirits such as Cognac and Armagnac have little by little pushed this noble white spirit out of the limelight. As experts in their field, Gilles Merlet and his two sons have blended eaux-de-vie from the family’s distillery with distillates from Gascony and other French regions of different grape varieties – mostly Ugni Blanc and Colombard – to offer the perfect combination: fruity and aromatic.

Eau de Vigne is enjoyed straight as a digestif, on ice and in cocktails as the Vine Sour.

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