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Michter's Limited Release Barrel Strength Rye

Product description

This limited-release rye is the barrel-strength version of Michter's single-barrel rye.

Appearance: Deep copper colour, with tears that grip the glass and fall slowly.

Nose: Starting off with banana and vanilla bean, maturing into oak, leather, orange peel and dark cherries, with soft hints of rye. Notes are difficult to parse out over the alcohol, as to be expected.

Palate: It starts off with a dry, oily, and unavoidable presence of alcohol. However, it doesn't overwhelm you, it simply takes a moment for your mouth to adjust. Despite the high ABV, it is extremely smooth over the tongue. Flavours of rye spice develop slowly throughout, awash in notes of apricot cherry, demerara sugar, orange, and caramel toffee to round out the profile. The finish is clean and crisp, accentuated by a pop of baking spice, with lingering sweet bread and fresh leather.