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Nardello Meridies Soave Classico 2017

Product description

Soave is a wine region in northeast Italy, the eastern part of the hills surrounding the city of Verona. Throughout the Soave region Garganega is the principal grape variety. The climate of the Soave region is influenced by the mists that flow from the Po Valley. The Garganega grape is a late-ripening variety with a thick skin that can withstand the viticultural problems that the mists cause better than some of the thinner skin varieties.

Tasting Notes ... This Soave has a style of crisp minerality to that of Chablis, offering complex aromas and creamy fruit, punctuated with intense minerality. The taste is the sensation of a white flower and there is some particular crispiness to it. Soave is like a style of wine. The taste ... remember the white fruit, white pear, so white ... like the sensation of just different types of a flowers depending on the season.

Pair With ...For Meridies, appetizers of fish, pasta, or white meat will work well.