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Navarrsotillo Magister Bibendi Garnacha Crianza

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Product description

Very deep cherry red, this wine is the result of the skillful harvest and vinification of organic Garnacha grapes from our old vines. The grapes were picked by hand and transported in boxes to the bodega where only the best were selected to make this wine. After destalking and mild crushing, the grapes were left to macerate for twenty-five days. A single pressing provided the best must which was placed in new oak casks and left in contact with its own lees for three months. The wine was then racked and put into the same casks, once they had been washed, where it completed twelve months’ ageing. After natural fining, it was bottled without filtering to ensure the preservation of all its characteristics.

This wine offers an elegant aroma with marked fruitiness and conspicuous intensity. Very wide in the mouth with sweet tannins that denote great complexity and a very pleasant finish underscored by ripe red berries. The delicate harvesting and vinification processes used may result in some natural sediment in the wine.

Magister Bibendi Crianza Selección Especial de Garnacha is well paired with any dishes of our Mediterranean cuisine. It is ideally suited to accompany grilled or stewed meat, roasts and fowl as well as any kind of cheese. This is a special wine which will improve in the bottle.