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Nulu Small Batch Reserve Bourbon

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Product description

Colour ...Light amber.

Nose ... The nose is filled with notes of oak, rye spice, and cinnamon, and cereal grain. Somewhat reminiscent of a cinnamon muffin. As the spirit opens in the glass, notes of brown sugar and vanilla begin to appear.

Palate ...The first sip has a thin to medium viscosity. Baking spice and oak notes are most prominent. The second sip introduces some dark fruit notes through the mid-palate. The third sip is a nice combination of the notes listed above.

Finish ... The finish is short to medium and pleasant. Baking spices, cinnamon, and oak are the most prominent notes. Faint hints of allspice appear as the finish begins to fade.

In Closing ...The nose and palate are filled with cinnamon, oak, dark fruit, and baking spice notes. The finish is short to medium and will keep you reaching back for more. This spirit is not overly complex judging from the first pour, however, this spirit seems like it will open nicely with oxidation. This one could easily be an everyday drinker and available at a very fair price. 

47.7% alc./vol