Peaty & Beasty - 3 Bottle Bundle
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Peaty & Beasty - 3 Bottle Bundle

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Raise your spirits with Peat's Beast!

Peat's Beast Single Malt (1 bottle) Strong and bold with plenty of backbone and structure as this great monster unfolds its fiery fangs on your palate. This is not for the faint-hearted. Take a generous mouthful with a biting wind blowing furiously in your face. Hold it long in your mouth allowing the thick tar, peat smoke and creamy licorice to penetrate every part of your tongue. Time will tame it.

Peat's Beast Batch Strength Single Malt (1 bottle) You can feel its immense power as it pours onto your palate like a violent thunderstorm. You need to brace yourself. Its “natural strength” is untamed and ferocious. Yet, seconds later, this beastly peaty, fiery spirit is soon soothed by the warmth of your tongue. Almost immediately a calmness, a stillness pervades as seductive notes of moist banana cake, thick treacle, and mocha with whispers of sweet pineapple, ginger and cumin finally come into play to give you an unforgettable aftertaste. Everyone has a little beast in them, this one more than most. The packaging is pretty striking too, with a scary monster and a deliberately singed label. 

Peat's Beast Batch Strength PX Finish (1 bottle) A cask strength release from Peat's Beast, this Batch Strength bottling spent nine months finishing in Pedro Ximénez sherry casks! As such, there are rich notes of dried fruit and dates among the smoky maritime notes of the Islay whisky, weighing in at a beasty 54.1% ABV. Familiar hints of peppery peat smoke, damp burnt bracken and the salty notes of seaweed. But Peat's Beast Sherry gives you more. There are subtle sweet notes of dates and figs with the sweet hues of Spanish Sherry; an absolute juxtaposition between dry peat smoke and rum and raisin ice cream, a quite sublime dram. On the palate, real peat bite but wrapped in a gorgeous warm coat of dates, figs, hints of clove and vanilla. The peat fire stays at the back of the throat but there are strong notes of chocolate, sweet rum and raisin ice cream, and burnt caramel. Incredibly long finish.

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