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Ron Millonario 10th Aniversario Reserva

Product description

A tribute to a story of success, to the 10th anniversary of Ron Millonario: a fresh and light rum with an image of youth, of vibrant nightlife, of joyous modernity. A modernity of taste and image that hides more than a century of tradition.

Ron Millonario 10 Aniversario Reserva is a new recipe especially designed to as a fresher, more fragrant and easier version of the sweet, rich and raisiny flavour of Ron Millonario.

The secret blend of lighter rums matured in bourbon casks, with a small percentage of older rums from sherry casks, makes it particularly suited to consumption on ice and in all cocktails which require a sweet Latin style rum. Sweet notes of vanilla, fruits (banana, apricots, raisins), and a touch of winey and chocolatey richness.