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The Koloa Rum Company is a single-batch, craft distiller and bottler of premium Hawaiian rums. They have been serving “The Spirit of Aloha” to the world since the very first batch of Koloa Rum was distilled and bottled in 2009. Crafted from pure cane sugar and rainwater from Mount Waialeale, their products are a testament to the long and colourful history of commercial sugar production in Hawaii and the abundant natural resources that make Kauai, The Garden Isle!

Koloa Cacao Rum (1 bottle) Has an intense chocolate colour, with rich deep undertones, resembling fudge. Delicate floral notes with a balanced nutty, but not overpowering enjoyable cocoa aroma. The Cacao chocolate-flavoured rum is creamy with mocha notes and even with an 80-proof ABV, which is part of what makes this rum so unique. It has a buttery smooth taste, highlighted by subtle notions of spice. The journey comes full circle with the accent of balanced cacao nibs and a pleasant strong coffee finish.

Koloa Coffee Rum (1 bottle) This spirit pours and looks like a rich deep cup of coffee with a deep brown opaque hue surrounded by a light mahogany meniscus. Several swirls of this spirit in the glass reveal a hint of real coffee particulate that gather in the slow-running amber-kissed legs. Freshly ground and brewed Arabica and Robusta Beans with the sweet smell of molasses and rich dark chocolate undertones kissed with a touch of Lilikoi. This intensely rich coffee-flavoured rum is slightly lower in ABV which facilitates the amazingly complex flavours. The initial sip is a highly robust espresso coffee balanced with white cane sugar. The spirit initially presents itself as a well-crafted espresso cocktail. Then it's back to a dry finish of light vanilla, hints of chocolate and that wonderful coffee flavour that a great barista can only achieve. Second and third sips of this elixir present hints of tropical fruit in the finish along with hazelnut and stone fruits. This is a remarkable spirit!

Koloa Coconut Rum (1 bottle)   The initial taste is quizzically dry, probably from the pleasant 80 proof that Koloa has kept the rum at, which then leads to the wonderful flavor of baby coconut flesh at the front of the palate. The spirit finishes with light toasted coconut, hints of fresh lime zest and the slightest bit of caramelized pineapple.   A taste of Hawaii in a glass with hints of young coconut, toasted coconut and cocoa flavors with a smooth, natural tasting finish.