Truly Hard Seltzer Watermelon & Kiwi 355 ml - 6 Cans
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Truly Hard Seltzer Watermelon & Kiwi 355 ml - 6 Cans

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Product description
About Truly... What's in the can? Good question. The short answer? A whole lot. Inside every can of Truly is a fresh adventure just waiting to be opened, also plenty of seltzer. That’s because you never know where your next sip will take you. Maybe a boat. Maybe boarding a flight to that secluded island off the coast of Croatia you always thought about going to, you know, the one with the bottomless seafood buffet? Yeah, you know. The philosophy is simple: Look forward and recline backward. After all, life’s too short to worry that much. So consider this your cue: Kick up your feet, crack open a can, and drink it all in.

Think Strawberry Kiwi is yesterday's news? Then you're in the right place. Truly has swapped in Watermelon for Strawberry to give this flavour a much-needed burst of juicy new-ness. Truly Watermelon & Kiwi delivers tropical refreshment with juicy watermelon and tart candied kiwi flavours. Enjoy the sweet upfront taste and crisp and, clean finish. Only 100 calories and 1g of sugar per serving!