Sold Out TY KU Black Super Premium Junmai Ginjo - 330 ml
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TY KU Black Super Premium Junmai Ginjo - 330 ml

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TY KU Super Premium Sake is one of the purest beverages on the planet made from only four all natural ingredients: rice, water, yeast and koji. TY KU Sake utilizes 60% polished specialty sake rice, with 40% of the impurities removed from every individual grain and pristine, iron free, naturally filtered water, proprietary yeast and handmade koji. Specially brewed in a craft style with no additives or preservatives. Refined, smooth flavour profile with peach on the nose and a subtle hint of spice underneath. Soft and creamy with deep viscosity that coats the palette resulting in a long finish which ends delightfully crisp. Depth and body pairs well with lighter Western fare, yet is delicate enough to complement Asian cuisine.

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