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Umani Centovie Rosato 2021

Product description

The Centovie Rosato by Umani Ronchi is an Abruzzese rose wine made from pure Montepulciano grapes from the area of the Aprutini Hills, in the province of Teramo. It is soft pink but bright and expresses notes of fresh flowers, ripe cherries and intense citrus rinds and grapefruit rinds, revealing itself in a pleasant and refreshing sip. Moderately soft with a light finish.

The vineyard is located on a clay loam terroir, partially sandy with a good structure, it faces south-east and it is at about 200 meters above the sea level. Vine density goes from 1600 plants per hectare to 5000. The agronomic management follows organic regulations.

Grapes are picked by hand when they have reached a minimum alcohol content of about 18,5°BABO, being particularly careful to eliminate these grapes that are not good enough on the phytosanitary prospective.