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Stara Sokolova Plum Brandy Lux 7 Year

Product description

Stara Sokolova is based on a centuries old tradition of the Bogdanovic family from the village of Kostojevici near Bajina Bata. The name Stara Sokolova, meaning “Old Falcon’s”, is derived from the historical name of the watershed of the river Drina in Western Serbia.

In this Region of the Falcon, the tradition of cultivation of plums has always been of the utmost importance. Plums have always been eaten fresh, dried for winter, and used for making jams and other traditional preserves. Most of the harvest, however, was reserved for producing the natural distilled brandy known as rakija. Good rakija was not only a source of pride for the household, but also the basis of its economic wealth. Before the development of the modern economy and finance, rakija was the primary means of saving for the future.

Stara Sokolova has become a symbol of Serbia, and appears prominently on tables during festivals and celebrations. It is available alongside single malt Scotches and Congacs in fine hotels and restaurants throughout Belgrade and Serbia, and is now exported to countries across the world from Canada and the United States on one side, to Australia on the other.