David Dienger, Owner ... A University of Calgary graduate, David started out in the liquor business in 1993 when the industry was privatized by the Alberta government. The company was called The Wine Cottage at that time. David understood that the liquor industry would not survive as a "brick and mortar" concept and made the decision in 2008 to follow the online shopping trend and developed a very successful online business to compliment the retail stores. David's future plans for ZYN are to continue to provide excellent customer service, buy product that customers are looking for and to keep moving forward in a very unique and constantly changing business environment in Calgary. Being from Argentina, David's go to wine is Malbec!

Michael Katzemann, Warehouse Manager ... Michael arrived in Canada from Germany and started out with ZYN as a driver and since has progressed to become ZYN's Warehouse Manager. ZYN's 20,000 ft² warehouse is a lot to manage, however, with Michael's dedication to providing top notch customer service and his strong commitment to accuracy, ZYN is able to supply many of Calgary's best restaurants, bars and golf courses with first class service. When not at ZYN, you can find Michael hiking the Rockies and taking trips to various parts of the country to learn more about what Canada has to offer.

Brynne Carmichael, Manager E-commerce Logistics ... Brynne has been with the ZYN team since 2014. She is a true prairie girl moving from Saskatoon to Calgary, with a background in restaurants. Brynne handles everything to do with online orders and enjoys watching the trends in the industry evolve. She is always excited to try new restaurants in town, but also enjoys cooking at home sipping a New York Sour.

Mario Nobrega, Retail Manager ZYN Bankers Hall ... Mario has been a big part of the ZYN retail team at Bankers Hall for the past 6 years. Prior to that, Mario spent over 30+ years in the hospitality industry, travelling to Badrutt's Palace in St. Moritz as well as taking wine courses at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley to gain knowledge and experience. Mario is a customer service person and it shows on a daily basis at ZYN. Mario's advice to customers is ... don't over think it, drink it!

Marcia Rompel, Retail Sales Supervisor ... Marcia joined ZYN in July of 2019 and hails from Hamburg, Germany. In Germany, Marcia worked for 5 Star hotels and was involved in creativity based event management. Combined with her positive and communicative nature, she is a valued member of ZYN's dynamic team. Marcia is enjoying the Canadian culture and when not at ZYN you can find Marcia enjoying a glass of red wine by the fireplace!