The ZYN Team

David Dienger, Owner... A University of Calgary graduate, David started out in the liquor business in 1993 when the Alberta government privatized the industry. The company was called The Wine Cottage at that time. David understood that the liquor industry would not survive as a "brick and mortar" concept and decided in 2008 to follow the online shopping trend and developed a very successful online business to complement the retail stores. David's future plans for ZYN are to continue providing excellent customer service, buy products that customers are looking for and keep moving forward in a unique and constantly changing business environment in Calgary. Being from Argentina, David's love is Malbec!

Fiona Di Gennaro, Accountant... Fiona is originally from Australia and has made Calgary her home since 1996. Since moving to Calgary, she has run four restaurants. Fiona has an accounting background and experience in the food and beverage industry, which is a huge asset for ZYN. Fiona loves nothing more than relaxing and enjoying a glass of Prosecco!

Michael Katzemann, Supply Chain Supervisor... Michael arrived in Canada from Germany and started with ZYN as a delivery driver and since has progressed to become the Supply Chain Supervisor. When not at ZYN, you can find Michael hiking the Rockies and taking trips to various parts of the country to learn more about what Canada offers.

Julius Reyes, Assistant Supply Chain Supervisor... Julius is an excellent addition to TeamZYN. He enjoys travelling, playing basketball, tennis and golf. Julius is also an accomplished hip hop dancer and has been an instructor in Calgary for 10+ years. When not on the dance floor, he enjoys a crisp craft beer from one on the many fine breweries in Calgary!

Dustin Baker, Manager E-commerce Logistics... Dustin handles everything to do with online orders. Dustin loves Alberta's great outdoors, is an aspiring artist and enjoys an occasional cold beer. When Dustin started at ZYN, he was not a wine guy, but over the years, he has had a chance to try different wines and is now a fan!

Misael Castro, Delivery Driver... Misael has been an AmaZYN delivery driver for more than 20 years. He is diligent about getting orders to you promptly. Hailing from Colombia, his passion is soccer, hiking, and biking. Misael enjoys Colombia's national alcoholic beverage Aguardiente.

Matthew Cumberland, Supervisor of Shipping & Receiving... Matthew is a welcome addition to TeamZYN. He enjoys dirt biking, snowmobiling and all extreme outdoor activities. After hours, he enjoys an ice-cold beer, even on a cold Calgary winter night!

Dayanara Torres, Shipping & Receiving... Dayanara is originally from Mexico and now calls Calgary home. She is relatively new to the wine industry but is passionate about learning everything she can about wine, beer and spirits. Dayanara loves the outdoors, which is one of the main reasons she enjoys Alberta so much. She enjoys time with family and friends , sharing an Oregon Pinot Noir!

David Vorpahl, Shipping & Receiving... David is a definite asset to TeamZYN. His knowledge of the industry before joining ZYN was limited, but day by day, he is gaining and enjoying learning about wine, beer and spirits. David is a music lover and enjoys classic movies, spending time with his family and sipping a fine glass of wine.

Mario Nobrega, Retail Manager ZYN Bankers Hall... Mario has been a big part of the ZYN retail team at Bankers Hall for the past 15+ years. Before that, Mario spent over 30+ years in the hospitality industry, travelling to Badrutt's Palace in St. Moritz and taking wine courses at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley to gain knowledge and experience. Mario is a customer service person, and it shows daily at ZYN. Mario advises customers, don't overthink it. Just drink it!

Janette Scott, Retail Sales Manager ZYN Main Store... With over 30 years of experience in the wine industry, Janette brings passion, knowledge and expertise to ZYN. She aims to inspire people to live outside their comfort zone and seek out wines with stories behind the bottle. Whether gardening, watching tennis or enjoying a meal with family, a glass of wine will be in her hand because everything's better with wine!

Chiara Fazzolari, Retail Sales ZYN Main Store... Chiara is a recent addition to TeamZYN. Like many children of Italian-Canadian families, she got her first taste of wine at the family dinner table from her Nonna in Toronto. She enjoys looking to the off-beat path in places like the Languedoc or South Africa to find good value everyday wines for her customers. An F1 fan and sports enthusiast, you'll find Chiara engaged in an event with a glass of wine in hand!

Drew Murphy, Retail Sales ZYN Main Store... With 6 years in the liquor industry Drew finds passion in the knowledge of wine and spirits and enjoys in-depth conversations of all things craft beer. Drew would love to tell you about his hobby and interests, but as a new dad he spends all his spare time taking little Benjamin on adventures, walks along the river pathways in Calgary and swimming!

Katie Rivait, Retail Sales ZYN Main Store... Funky, vibrant, and energetic can be used to describe Katie, as well as her favourite drink, Lambrusco. She brings a deep passion for wine making, unique styles and exploration to the team. With 10+ years in the industry Katie makes a great guide for roaming off the beaten path and into the wild fermented unknown.