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Amity Pinot Noir

Product description

Amity's winemaking philosophy will always be less is more. Given the vineyards’ location, age elements, and unique soil structure, they sustainably farm these beautiful sites so that their vineyards can speak for themselves through the wines. In the winery this means they foster a very hands off approach to their wines. Outside of the winery they’re researching grape varieties and lesser used techniques to push boundaries and evolve their skills and approach to modern winemaking. 

Amity Vineyard sits 500 feet above the town of Amity where its south-facing slope gets warmth from the sun and cooler air blowing in from the Pacific Ocean 50 miles to the west via the Van Duzer corridor. The warmth brings ripeness while the cool evening temperatures allow the grape to maintain its acidity. The basaltic and marine sediment soils and low yields produce wines with a sense of place and purpose.