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Little Book Chapter 5 Cask Strength

Product description

The fifth chapter comes with the name “The Invitation,” which Noe says is a prompt for whiskey drinkers to expand their palates, break out of the ordinary, and drink something unexpected.

Featuring malted rye along with a mix of young and old bourbons. For this release, Noe blended:

A two-year-old straight bourbon distilled and barreled at a proof point far lower than its typical 125 proof. This “prominent component” is intended to counterbalance the strong oaky flavors from the older whiskies.

A three-year-old malted rye designed to add smoky, peppery notes.

A five-year-old straight bourbon with “hints of vanilla and corn sweetness on the nose and a smooth finish.”

A 15-year-old straight bourbon with more intense barrel flavors.