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Little Book Chapter VI 'To the Finish' Whiskey

Product description

Little Book Chapter VI, "To The Finish," is the sixth chapter in the Little Book Whiskey series. "To The Finish" offers any curious whiskey drinker a chance to expand their palate - both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers alike. The name of this year's chapter offers fans of American whiskey an opportunity to experience the liquid I had a hand in creating and showcases the innovation of Little Book chapters over the last six years.

Little Book Chapter VI is a blend of five different liquid streams using different wood staves and barrel techniques that impart a unique liquid profile due to secondary aging. This chapter continues to push the boundaries of blending and challenges what some might assume of lower-aged whiskies. The way these liquid streams complement each other makes this liquid extremely approachable, even for those who haven't given cask-strength whiskey a try.

This whiskey is a deep amber with copper undertones. Aromas of charred oak intermingled with a complex mix of savoury and sweetness. Rich toasted grain notes with hints of sweet wood smoke. Bright finish with a robust mouthfeel and welcoming sweetness.