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Masseria Dei Carmelitani Gavi di Gavi 2022

Product description
The Gavi di Gavi Masseria Dei Carmelitani from the Piedmont wine-growing region offers itself in the glass in brilliantly shimmering platinum yellow. The nose of this white wine reveals all kinds of apples, pears, Nashi pears and quinces. As if this were not already impressive, cinnamon, garrigue and oriental spices are added due to the expansion in stainless steel. This Italian wine impresses with its elegantly dry taste. It was placed on the bottle with only 4 grams of residual sugar. This is a real quality wine that stands out clearly from simpler qualities and so this Italian naturally enchants with the finest balance in all dryness. Excellent taste does not necessarily require a lot of sugar. Light-footed and multi-layered, this crisp white wine presents itself on the palate. Thanks to the balanced fruit acidity, the Gavi di Gavi Masseria Dei Carmelitani flatters with a soft palate, without missing out on juicy liveliness at the same time. The finale of this maturable white wine from the Piedmont wine-growing region, more precisely from Gavi DOCG, finally convinces with good reverberation. The finish is also accompanied by mineral hints of limestone-dominated soils.