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Old & Rare Auchentoshan Refill Butt 31 Year Old (Distilled in1991)

Product description

This is one of 404 bottles filled from a refill Butt.  Distilled February 1991 - 2022 May bottling.

Auchentoshan distillery was founded in 1817 and was originally called Duntocher. In 1834, a change of ownership brought the change of name to Auchintoshan, before finally becoming Auchentoshan. In Gaelic, Auchentoshan means “corner of the field”; the distillery sits at the foot of the Kilpatrick hills in Dalmuir.

Auchentoshan is currently the only Scottish distillery that entirely triple distils - a practice that is more often found in Ireland. Located in Clydebank, the distillery was bombed during the Glasgow Blitz in 1941; a bomb crater is now the distillery pond.