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Sangre De Vida Anejo Tequila

Product description

Aged at least 12 months in American oak barrels. Full, agave forward aromas transport you from the noises of the world outside inviting you to take a moment of reward experiencing this lovely, complex añejo. Sip this with time to enjoy the many nuances and rich flavors of Sangre de Vida. 100% Blue Agave, 40% ABV.

Delicate scents of oak, caramelized honey, mahogany, sweet potato, vanilla, stewed flowers and pear all held together by baked agave are evocative. The flavors cleanly follow suit with a soft palate that is elegant and rich adding a touch of coffee & chocolate (just a touch). The finish is layered, iterate and supple with a rich lengthy show of all the flavors and adding some earthiness to all the richness.