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Sottimano Barbaresco Mixed Cru - 6 Bottle Pack

(Includes 6 units $96.00 each)

Product description

This set includes: 3 Bottles of Sottimano Barbaresco Cotta 2018 and 3 Bottles of Sottimano Barbaresco Pajore 2018

Sottimano Barbaresco Cotta 2018 - This vineyard is located between the zones of Neive and Barbaresco, it's full bodied and rich in polyphenol, typical of the Neive area, while its well balanced tannic structure is definitely a mark of the Barbaresco area.

Sottimano Barbaresco Pajore 2018 - Spices and tobacco define the character of this Barbaresco, which has an olfactory expression characterized by menthol and licorice notes. The palate returns a savory and saline note, combined with nuances of cherry and mint. This wine has a generous structure, well-defined tannins and lingering fruity notes. The finish is balsamic and deep.