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1731 Fine & Rare Barbados 8 Year Old Rum

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Product description
1731 Fine & Rare Barbados 8 years 46° is a rum distilled partly in columns (for the light and fresh side) and partly in pot stills (for the aromas). The casks used for the 8 years of ageing are oak casks that have previously contained bourbon. Nothing has been added (caramel or sugar for example), and the rum has not been cold filtered.

The nose is greedy and light at the same time, with light woody and vanilla notes that meet the freshness of sour candy. Strawberry and cherry liqueur are carried by some lightly roasted nuts. With aeration, the rum leans towards wood, and more precisely towards a typical American oak. Vanilla, blond tobacco, toasted coconut, and sweet caramel, all come together with a certain delicacy, with a very measured roast. The palate is very smooth and maintains a certain freshness. The vanilla wood flavours remain light, as if in suspension, allowing the rum to maintain a very easy character. The toasted oak brings a little more astringency and char to the palate, which then allows more texture to settle in. The finish is thus fuller and more flavoursome, where the soft, spicy oak does its job.