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A.D. Rattray Cask Orkney 18 Year Old

Product description

AD Rattray Cask Orkney 18 yr is a limited edition project from the Independent Bottler that captures the spirit of the region, the warmth in the people, and the skill of their craft.

Orkney, or the Orkney Islands is located in the very northern part of Scotland. It is home to the most northern Scottish Distillery that embraces the region’s Nordic roots. 

Look for subtle notes of peat with green apple and nutmeg, wood spice, sea salt and a hazy smoke. The palate brings toffee, peach and apricot, with a rich velvety texture, sweet background smoke, not the razed village type smoke but the peat type smoke, and a dry nutty finish. It is very complex and balanced whiskey which is worthy to be served in the halls of Valhalla.