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Amabuki Shuzo Junmai Ginjo Nama Strawberry Yeast Sake - 720 ml

Product description

The nose on this unpasteurized or raw sake is a collection of strawberry, pear, honey, floral, and of course strawberry aromas.  Why "of course strawberry"? -because this brewery is known for making outstanding sakes using flower and fruit yeasts.  In this case, the yeast comes from strawberries, which creates a very fruit-forward sake that drinks soft, juicy, and fun!  But don't be mistaken as this smooth brew does not drink sweet, rather it has layers of fruit tones and of course ends with a very nice long strawberry tail. A larger glass brings forth more of a wine-drinking experience and this strawberry does better chilled.

Sake Style:  Junmai Ginjo  |  Origin:   Saga Prefecture  |   Rice:   Omachi  |   Rice Polished to:   55%