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Asahi Shuzo Dassai '39' Junmai Daiginjo Sake - 300 ml

Product description

The perfect sweet spot between Dassai's '45' and '23', Dassai '39' Junmai Daiginjo comes from the world-famous Asahi Shuzo brewery in Japan's Yamaguchi Prefecture.  With rice polished to 39%, this luscious sake is a velvety plush basket of soft tree fruits balanced with smooth acidity. 

The '39' reveals an aromatic profile of green apple, magnolia blossom, and Meyer lemon integrating beautifully with the nectar-like sweetness of mango, ripe apricot, and honeydew melon.  Perfect accompaniments to '39' include Ikura (Salmon Roe), Soft French Cheese, and Chicken Parmesan.

Origin:  Yamaguchi Prefecture  |   Rice:  Yamada-Nishiki   |   Rice Polished to:   39%   |   Alcohol:  16%