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Ballard Lane Chardonnay 2018

Product description
A former Wells Fargo stagecoach stop, the town of Ballard was founded in 1880 with lofty dreams of being a future metropolis. Ballard was named for William Ballard, who ran the Wells Fargo station from 1862 to 1870. Although Ballard served as the connection point between rural and seaside communities, it never grew in mass like its neighbour Santa Barbara and is now much as it was over 100 years ago. Ballard is a combination of a sleepy village and an upscale bedroom community. The surrounding area is noted for its thriving and well-respected wine industry and was featured in the Academy Award-nominated film "Sideways." Vineyards, coastal bluffs and ranches merge seamlessly through roads the locals call "lanes." Ultimately, many of these paths end up in Ballard. 

The Ballard Lane wines reflect the Miller Family, a Central Coast family that has farmed the area for five generations. Their proprietary knowledge of the climate and terroirs of the Central Coast are reflected in each bottle of Ballard Lane wine.

Aromas of green apple, buttery pie-crust, white flowers, fig and lime zest. Full-body with excellent balance on the palate, finishing with just enough structure. Pair with fried chicken, pasta with cream cheese sauce, snack foods like chips or cheese puffs, or grilled white fish.