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Bareksten Botanical Gin

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Product description
Bareksten represents Norway's essence in taste and character, dark, wild, breathtaking and dramatic. The gin is an absolute flavour-fest, with 26 botanicals, 19 of which are local. The list goes on and on: juniper, coriander, blueberries, grains of paradise, fennel, rose hips, lime peel, rose flowers, cinnamon, caraway, cardamom, angelica, lemon and orange peel, orris, rhubarb, aniseed, nutmeg, red clover, lavender, chamomile, mint arnica flowers, elderflowers, lingonberries. 

Bareksten is made in a single-shot distillation. The citrus, rhubarb and a handful of flowers are suspended above the still in a vapour basket, where their flavours and oils are collected raw. The rest of the botanicals are added to the spirit for an entire 24-hour maceration period. The 600-litre still is left to run slowly, taking nine hours to run in total. This allows for a smoother profile. Mouthfeel is key, achieved through increased copper contact. The blueberries and other fruits play a part, too, allowing an almost gloopy texture to evolve on the tongue. Finally, the Norwegian potato base also helps with mouthfeel, providing a creamier sensation.

The gin tastes precise, as you would expect it to, of the Norwegian forest. The nose is vibrant and inviting, with clear notes of fresh pine intertwined with enticing spiced undertones. It's dense and dark and has as much forest floor as budding spruce tips in spring. Tasted neat, the fresh pine lashes at the senses once more, but here, it's joined by a lovely fruit roundness, with blueberry contributing a soft, full mouthfeel. The finish culminates with a burst of caraway that lingers long after the last sip.