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Brewer Clifton Chardonnay 3D 2017

Product description

3D was the first vineyard planted by the Brewer Clifton  estate farming team in 2007. While the majority of the nine acre parcel substantiates their Sta. Rita Hills bottling, this effort is sourced entirely from the bottom portion of the field. Mirroring the body of a fish, they planted leaner/firmer clones at the top of the vineyard leading down to more fleshy/oily selections at the lower section where the sand turns a bit darker. Wente and Mount Eden selections are, as such, congruous with Chotoro and Otoro within the body of a tuna. Barrel fermented in their oldest barrels where the wine remains on non-disturbed lees for sixteen months.

Similar in spirit to the Sta. Rita Hills yet with more exuberant aromatics coupled with a more luxuriousand oily mouthfeel.