Bridgeland Distillery Limoncello
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Bridgeland Distillery Limoncello

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Product description

A Limoncello like no other you have tasted! Bridgeland Distillery's take on Limoncello is unique with a reduction on both bitterness and sweetness to produce a well-balanced and delicate product, made with a grape spirit base. 

Fresh aromas of spring apple blossoms with a touch of early summer honey. The acidity of the lemons combines with the sweetness of honey provides a balanced palate. The finish is a light refreshing sweetness.

Production and Distillation Notes

Still: Copper Pot Still

Base: 100% California grapes

Distillation: Small-batch, 2x distilled

Unoaked, Fresh organic Lemons, Calgary local honey (local beekeepers, Esther & Randy Beaton!)