Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella - 750 ml
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Cantillon Grand Cru Bruocsella - 750 ml

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Cantillon is something of a miracle. The Brussels-based brewery helped popularize spontaneously fermented wild beers called lambics, and blended lambics called gueuze. Its beer was once near extinction, but today is among the rarest and most revered liquids in the world. If you’re lucky enough to lift Cantillon to your lips, you’ll be sipping history. 

The company was founded by Paul Cantillon and Marie Troch in 1900. In 1937, their sons Robert and Marcel joined the business. Shortly thereafter, both brothers departed for World War II. After the war, with sales in decline, Robert sold his portion of the business to Marcel. Soon, Marcel wanted out, too. Marcel’s daughter, Claude, saved the family business. Her husband, Jean-Pierre Van Roy, took over the brewery in the early 1970s. Their son, Jean Van Roy, is Cantillon’s current owner and brewmaster.

Vintage lambic. All the beers are from the same brewing season and mature in barrels for three years. A beer with a highly complex structure that has a wine-like and somewhat oxidized taste, the slightly acidic structures mingling with more mellow aspects. Powerful yet elegant, Bruocsella can be considered the missing link between the worlds of wine and beer. Since there is no secondary fermentation in the bottle Bruocsella is a flat, non-sparkling beer. 5% ABV.

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